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Revolut - Foreign Exchange


Revolut removes all currency exchange fees so you can now send, exchange and spend money globally with no fees at all. What our users are saying:
"Best travel card on the market! No charges and a very easy app to use! " - ★★★★★
Revolut allows you to:- Spend for free with a multi currency Revolut card that is accepted everywhere
- Access the best possible rates for currency exchange: interbank rates 
- Transfer money to your friends via social networks, email or text instantly, all for free- Feel more secure about withdrawing from an ATM when travelling abroad, and beat the bank fees!
Super handy features include:- Push notifications whenever you use your card- Block your card immediately from within the app if you lose it- Unblock it from within the app if you find it again!- No need to go to a cash point if you want to change your card's PIN, you can change it directly from within the app if you prefer
Revolut is the #1 app you need when you travel or send money abroad.
* The Revolut card is licensed by MasterCard International.
More User Reviews:
"An absolutely incredible app, I've saved so much money using this. The support team is very helpful too!" - ★★★★★
"Great app and card. Easy to use, and saved lots of money on our family holiday with fee-free cash withdrawals and perfect exchange rates" - ★★★★★
"It should be used by everyone Really making travel in Europe such a breeze. It works and the support chat is very responsive when there are issues. Rates are unbeatable." - ★★★★★
"Best travel card on the market! No charges and a very easy app to use! " - ★★★★★
"An absolute game-changer " - ★★★★★